Burglar Arrested for Stealing Property from Chico Unified School District



 On 3/11/2022, at approximately 2:26 am, Chico Police Officers were dispatched to 2455 Carmichael Drive on a report of a suspicious person. Chico Police received information from the alarm company advising that someone was trespassing on the Chico Unified School District maintenance yard. Officers arrived within minutes and made a serendipitous approach. During their approach, they noticed a male subject later identified as, Brian Fain (30-year-old Chico resident) burglarizing a Chico Unified vehicle. Officers attempted to contact Fain; however, he fled on foot. As Fain was fleeing, he failed to realize there was a 10 feet drainage ditch in his escape route. Fain fell into the ditch causing a serious injury to his lower leg which required him to be transported to Enloe Hospital. Fain’s injury was serious but non-life threatening.

 During the course of the officer’s investigation, it was learned that Fain was attempting to steal tools and a catalytic converter from one of the vehicles belonging to the school district. Additionally, it appeared that Fain was attempting to deprive Chico Unified of items that are critically important in the maintenance and overall safety of the facilities and campuses. The Maintenance and Operations Division is a critically important in the overall safety of the district’s facilities and the safety of our students and campuses. It’s truly a shame that Fain was trying to steal from the district and the children. Fain was arrested for 602 PC – (Trespassing), 459 PC – (Burglary), 466 PC – (Burglary Tools), 496 PC – (Possession of Stolen Property), 10852 CVC – (Vehicle Tampering), and 148 (a)(1) PC – (Delaying and Obstructing).   


Location: 2455 Carmichael Drive, Chico, CA

Date/Time: 3/11/2022 at 2:26 am

Supervisor: Sgt. Mike Williams
Watch Commander: Lt. Terry Tupper

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