Bruce Road Reconstruction Project

Currently in Design Phase

roadway being paved by yellow construction paver

The proposed project involves the reconstruction and widening of an approximately 2-mile segment of Bruce Road from State Route 32 (SR 32) to Skyway utilizing roller-compacted concrete pavement. The proposed “Complete Streets” improvements include widening Bruce Road from an existing 2-lane arterial roadway to a 4-lane arterial roadway, and replacement of the existing two-lane, functionally obsolete Bruce Road bridge over Little Chico Creek (Caltrans Bridge # 12C0106) with a new four-lane bridge structure. The new, approximately 96-feet long by 96.5-feet wide bridge will accommodate four lanes of traffic, a center median, pedestrian/bicycle facilities consisting of a Class I bike path on the west side of Bruce Road, and a sidewalk on the east side.  The new bridge will be comprised of three-span, cast-in-place, reinforced concrete slab superstructure founded on pile supported abutments and 16-inch diameter multi-column piers supported on spread footings. The ultimate roadway design includes construction of the following: a 14-foot landscaped center median; roadway lighting; 5-foot bike lanes with 2-foot buffered striping on both east and west sides of Bruce Road; dedicated left turn lanes at various intersections; concrete curb, gutter, and curb ramps; and a 12-foot wide concrete multi-use path on the west side of Bruce Road. The project also includes storm drainage improvements such as bioretention facilities, drainage pipe, manholes, and curb inlets, as well as minor extension of sewer facilities where required. The City will be installing all infrastructure improvements detailed herein, except for a few limited frontage improvements (e.g., sidewalk and parkway strips) on the east side of Bruce Road that will be installed by others in conjunction with the requirements of adjacent private subdivisions.

This project will be funded through a $22 million Infill Infrastructure Grant (IIG) awarded by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.


In accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the following documents are available for public review:

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