Brief Stand Off Ends With Arrest

Case# 20-005166


On 09/22/20 at 12:19pm, Chico Police dispatch received multiple 911 calls about a female brandishing a large kitchen knife at people in the 200 block of Cohasset Ln.  Officers responded to the scene and saw the suspect holding the knife.  She ignored the officer’s commands and walked into her apartment which was a short distance away.  The suspect was identified as Kimberly Craven (39).  Officers learned that Craven brandished the knife at multiple people and made criminal threats to one of the victims.  A perimeter was established around the residence.  Officers attempted to contact Craven via phone and loud speaker.  Craven did not respond to officer’s request to exit her apartment. A family member of Craven’s arrived on scene and offered assistance.  The family member was able to get Craven to exit her apartment and Craven was safely taken into custody. Craven was held up inside her apartment for approximately one half hour.  A large kitchen knife was found inside Craven’s apartment.  Craven was ultimately arrested for brandishing a deadly weapon and making criminal threats, a felony.



Location: 200 Block of Cohasset Ln.

Date/Time: 09/22/20 @ 12:19

Suspect: Kimberly Craven (39)

Victim: Withheld

Supervisor: Sgt. Paul Ratto  S9
Watch Commander: Commander Michael Williams C9


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