Bidwell Park Master Management Plan


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Vol 1-Draft EIR-April 2007

Cover Page and Table of Contents
2 Existing Conditions Chapter 21-2323
2 Existing Conditions Chapter 2324-28
3 Park Vision
5 Plan Preparers
6 References

Exhibits facilities lower facilities middle upper
2-3.1-1 soils-upper
2.3.2-1a plant community lower
2.3.2-1b plant community middle upper
2.3-2-2a cnddb middle
2.3.2-2b cnddb upper
2.3.3-1a upper cultural
2.3.3-1b upper cultural
2.3.3-1c upper cultural
2.4.3-1a circulation lower
2.4.3-1b circulation middle
2.4.3-1c circulation upper


Appendix A -Annie Bidwell Deed
Appendix B-Visitor Commuter Survey
Appendix C-NRMP
Appendix D-CRMP Outline
Appendix E-Trails Plan
Appendix F-Horseshoe Lake Concept Plan
Appendix G-Cedar Grove Concept Plan
Appendix H-Disc Golf Trailhead Plan
Appendix I-Regulatory Framework
Appendix J-General Plan Policies and Relevant MuniCode
Appendix K-Cultural Resources
Appendix L-Design Standards
Appendix M-Bench Policy
Appendix N-Future BPPC Guidance

Vol 2-Draft EIR-April 2007

Cover Page and Table of Contents
EIR 1 Introduction
EIR 2 Project Summary
EIR 3 Project Description
EIR 4 Environmental Impacts
EIR 5 Alternative Analysis
EIR 6 References
EIR 7 List of Preparers

Appendices for Draft EIR

Appendix EIR1_NOP and Comments
Appendix EIR2 - Air Quality Data
Appendix EIR3-Part 1 SS Plant_Survey
Appendix EIR3-Part 2 SS Plant Survey
Appendix EIR3-Part 3 SS Plant_Survey
Appendix EIR3-Whole Section SS Plant Survey
Appendix EIR4-Oak Assessment
Appendix EIR5-Soils Data
Appendix E6-Traffic Count Data
Appendix EIR7-Mitigation Measures

Vol 3-Final Plan EIR July 2008

Cover Page and Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. List of Commenters
3. Response to Comments
4. Errata
5. References
6. List of Preparers

Vol 4-Final Master Management Plan- June 2008

Cover Page and Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2 Existing Conditions
3 Park Vision
5 Plan Preparers
6 References


A Annie Bidwell Deed
B Visitor and Community Survey
D CRMP Outline
E Trails Plan
F Horseshoe Lake Area Concept Plan
G Cedar Grove Area Concept Plan
H Disc Golf-Trailhead Area Concept Plan
I Regulatory Framework
J General Plan Policies and Codes
K Cultural Resources
L Design Standards
M Bench Policy
N Future BPPC Guidance

5. Resolution Approving EIR and Mitigation Programs

a. Disc Golf Mitigation and Monitoring Program
b. Master Management Plan Mitigation and Monitoring Program

6. Resolution Approving BPMMP

BPPC Resolution Approving BPMMP

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