Barricaded Subject Arrested at Seven Eleven on Walnut Street

Case#: 20-000661


On January 29, 2020 at approximately 0134 hours, Chico Police dispatch received a call from an employee at the 7-11 convenience store located at 308 Walnut Street concerning a suspicious subject having barricaded himself in the bathroom.  It was relayed the subject, later identified as Chico resident Dennis Bryant, was in the store when he was asked to leave due to his erratic behavior.  Bryant refused to leave and armed himself with an edged weapon then locked himself in the bathroom.  Employees attempted to get Bryant to peacefully leave the business, but he refused.  Upon the arrival of Chico Police patrol personnel, it was determined Bryant was a subject who was causing issues throughout the night for both Chico Police and Butte County Sheriff.  Specifically, Bryant was making several 911 calls from his cellphone with no apparent emergency to report.

Patrol personnel made several attempts to have Bryant peacefully exit the bathroom, but he failed to comply.  Based on the information of Bryant having armed himself and having acted erratic throughout the night, it was decided to close the business and set a perimeter to prevent his escape.  It should be noted the Butte County Sheriff’s Department patrol personnel assisted in this effort.  During the course of this case, Chico Police hostage negotiators were called to the scene and worked to create a dialogue with Bryant, but he refused.  Due to Bryant’s erratic behavior, a Butte County Behavioral Health counselor was called to the scene in an attempt to calm Bryant.  Bryant again refused to have a dialogue, so the counselor was removed from the scene for his safety.  Chico Police attempted multiple de-escalation tactics with Bryant, but he refused to cooperate.

After several attempts to peacefully resolve the situation with Bryant failed due to his own decision, it was decided to remove Bryant from the bathroom.  The bathroom door was forced open and police K-9, Aron, was deployed.  This resulted in Bryant being taken into custody with no injuries to police personnel.  Bryant received minor injuries from the use of a police K-9 and had to be treated at an area hospital.  It was determined Bryant had partially flooded the business, destroyed the bathroom, and attempted to set it on fire while he was barricaded.  It should also be noted Bryant assaulted Police K-9 Aron during the arrest, but did not injure him.     

Once Bryant was treated for his injuries and medically cleared for incarceration, he was transported the Butte County Jail where he was booked on the following charges:  Burglary, Assault on Police K-9, Obstruction, Trespass, Vandalism, Exhibiting a Deadly Weapon, Unlawful use of 911, and Arson.  The Chico Police Department along with outside agencies have a history with Bryant.  Please see the attached booking photo from a previous arrest.

Location: 7-11, 308 Walnut St.          

Victim: Withheld

Suspect: Dennis Bryant (52)

Supervisor:  Sgt. Joel Schmid

Commander: Cmdr. Billy Aldridge

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