Assault on an Officer Arrest

Case # 23-002204


On April 9th, at 3:48 am, the Chico Police Dispatch Center received a call from residents of an apartment complex in the 1100 block of E. 8th Street in Chico, reporting one of the residents was swinging a stick at other residents in the complex. At the time of the call, Chico Police Officers were managing events related to a DUI collision and a Burglary in progress.

A Chico Police Sergeant responded to the address and immediately located the person who had been swinging the stick, identified as Caroline Bolin. Bolin fled from the Sergeant but quickly turned and began to swing at the Sergeant, attempting to punch him. Bolin was quickly taken to the ground but grabbed and tore the Sergeant’s badge from his uniform. She then struck him on the face with the pointed edge of the badge. After a struggle, Bolin was detained in handcuffs just as other Officers were arriving to assist.

Officers investigating the incident learned Bolin had attempted to strike another neighbor with the stick she was carrying. She was placed under arrest for the assault on the neighbor as well as the assault on the Sergeant and resisting arrest.

The Police Sergeant sustained a laceration to his face from the assault but will make a full recovery. Bolin also sustained minor injuries during her attempts to flee and fight but will also recover. She was medically cleared at Enloe Medical Center and transported to the Butte County Jail, having been arrested for the following violations:

  • 245 © PC: Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer
  • 245 (a)(1) PC: Assault with a Deadly Weapon; Other than a Firearm
  • 69 PC: Resist Arrest by means of Threats or Violence

Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to call the Chico Police Department at (530) 897 4911.

Location: 1100 block of E 8th Street, Chico

Suspect: Caroline Bolin, resident of Chico

Supervisor: Sgt. J. Nicholson S10

Commander: Lt. T. Tupper L7

The Chico Police Department is committed to ensuring our community is a safe place to live, work, and recreate within!

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