Assault on an Officer

Case# 22-002791


On May 6th , 2022, at approximately 11:12 pm, Chico Police Officers responded to 1000 Columbus Avenue on a report of a domestic violence restraining order violation. The reporting party advised that 38-year-old Orlando Robinson was being aggressive, violating a restraining order, and was making “suicide by cop” statements. As officers were developing a plan of action, it was reported that Robinson was trying to enter an apartment that did not belong to him. With the updated information, officers immediately responded and noticed Robinson walking in the middle of Columbus Avenue holding what appeared to be a black metal pipe. A patrol sergeant contacted Robinson and attempted to de-escalate the situation; however, Robinson made threatening gestures with the object and took a swinging stance as if he was going to hit the sergeant. Robinson got within several feet of the sergeant before a taser was deployed.

The initial effect of the taser was unsuccessful and Robinson began walking away from the sergeant still posturing and making threats of violence. The sergeant deployed a second taser round which caused Robinson to fall to the ground – incapacitating him for several seconds. After several seconds, Robinson began bragging that the taser did not have its desired effect. Robinson was still in close proximately to the metal object and was still posing a significant threat to the officers. Robinson began to rise to his feet, and at that time, a patrol officer deployed a less lethal 12-gauge bean bag round – striking Robinson in the upper body. The bean bag round had its desired effect, stopping Robinson’s aggressive actions. Robinson was safely taken into custody without further incident.

Robinson was transported to an area hospital where he is being medically cleared. As of writing this press release, Robinson is still seeking medical attention and once medically cleared, he will booked into the Butte County Jail for violation of 245(a) PC – (Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer), 148 (a) PC – (Obstructing and Delaying), and 273.6 PC – (Restraining Order Violation).

No officers were hurt during this incident and Robinson sustained superficial wounds to his upper body as a result of the taser deployment and the bean bag round. It should be noted that the Chico Police Department has recently transitioned their patrol shotguns to 12-gauge less lethal bean bag shotguns and to 40 mm less lethal sponge rounds. This case is an excellent example of how a dangerous situation can evolve rapidly, and how effective de-escalation techniques, effective less-lethal force options, and superb training can substantially reduce the chances of deadly force.

Location: 1000 Columbus Avenue, Chico, CA

Date/Time: May 6th, 2022 at 11:12 pm

Supervisor: Sgt. Mike Williams

Watch Commander: Lt. Omar Pena


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