Arson Suspect Arrested

Case# 21-003720


On 06/22/2021, at about 0600 hours, Chico Fire dispatch received a call concerning a dumpster on fire behind a business in the 2000 Block of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy. The fire department quickly responded and extinguished the fire which was contained to the dumpster and no damage to any of the surrounding businesses occurred.
Later in the day, a business manager near the fire contacted the Chico Police Department and reported they had video surveillance of the suspect setting the fire. Officers responded and reviewed the video footage and recognized the suspect from previous contacts as Nicholas Craig. At the time of the fire, Craig was wearing a purple athletic jersey with yellow numbers. Officers later located Craig near E. 20th Street and Forest Ave still wearing the same clothing that he had on while he set the fire earlier in the day. Craig was arrested for the violation of 451 PC – Arson.

Location: 2000 Block of Dr Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy
Victim: Withheld
Suspect: Nicholas Craig (32 years of age) (See attached Photo)

Supervisor: P. Durfee, Officer in Charge
Commander: M. Williams, Lieutenant

Booking phot of male in blue shirt

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