Arrest Made for Animal Cruelty

Case# 22-005363


On 8/28/2022 at 1:11 am, Officers were dispatched to the 1400 block of W. 3 rd Street. Chico, Ca. after a caller, later identified as Katrina Oceant, stated approximately two hours earlier she was bitten by her dog, so she stabbed it with a knife. Concerned for the safety of the animal and the caller, Officers from the Chico Police Department arrived and investigated what occurred.

As the investigation ensued, Oceant made inconsistent statements and provided a series of events that were inconsistent with the injuries she sustained. She claimed to have severely injured the dog and had placed it in a nearby field, “so it could die.”

As Oceant received medical care for her injuries, Patrol Officers attempted to locate the dog and continued their investigation trying to verify Oceant’s claims. They checked orchards near Oceant’s residence.

Approximately 2 hours after the call, the dog was located. Unfortunately, the dog had suffered severe and non-recoverable injuries. It was clear that the dog was suffering so much that it might need to be euthanized on the spot. As it is the policy of the Chico Police Department, in these extraordinary circumstances, a Supervisor assessed and concurred that the dog’s injuries and suffering was such that human compassion necessitated euthanizing the dog immediately. To end its suffering, the dog was euthanized.

Oceant was arrested and booked into Butte County jail on animal cruelty charges.

The Chico Police Department takes the allegations of animal cruelty very seriously. We understand that our animals are more than pets, they are companions, they are family members, and in our case, they are our partners. We will go to extraordinary effort to bring to justice those that prey on the most vulnerable amongst us, whether that be human or animal.

Location: 1400 Block of W. 3rd Street, Chico

Victim: —

Suspect: Katrina Oceant, (21)

Supervisor: Sgt. P. Durfee S16

Lieutenant: Lt. Omar Peña L10

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