Arrest of Convicted Felon with Firearms

Case# 21-000836

Booking photo of a male

On 02/10/2021 at approximately 0400 hours Chico Officers contacted a subject at 701 E. Lassen Ave who was reportedly passed out inside his vehicle, that was still running. When officers arrived, they contacted Thomas Noble, 37 years old, who had passed out after injecting Heroin. Officers observed a syringe lying on the center console of the vehicle and while retrieving the syringe officers observed a loaded firearm on the driver’s floorboard. Officers continued their investigation and located three high capacity magazines, 2-30 round magazines and a 1-25 round magazine. In addition to the firearm and high capacity magazines officers found a stun gun, a baton, a bullet proof vest and over 30 used hypodermic syringes. Officers then received consent from Noble to search his bedroom that was inside his parents nearby home. During the search officers located a stolen revolver and over 250 rounds of 9mm ammunition. Noble is a twice convicted felon making it illegal for him to possess firearms, the stun gun, and the bullet proof vest. The firearm in the vehicle was not serialized and considered a “ghost gun.”
Noble was booked into Butte County Jail on the following charges:
* 25400(c)(1) PC-possession of a firearm in a vehicle w/ prior conviction
* 22610(a) PC-Felon in possession of a stun gun
* 22110 PC-Possession of a Billy club
* 29800(a)(1) PC-Felon in possession of a firearm
* 32310 PC- Possession of a high capacity magazine
* 30305(a)(1) PC-Felon in possession of ammunition
* 11364(a) H&S- Possession of drug paraphernalia
* 31360(a) PC- Violent felon in possession of body armor.

Location: 701 E. Lassen Ave
Date/Time: 02/10/2021 @0400 hours
Suspect: Thomas Noble 37 years old
Supervisor: Sergeant Mark Bass
Watch Commander: T. Tupper

Evidence board

Ballistic vest 

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