Anti-Vaping Billboard Contest


In April of 2021, The Chico Police Department School Resource Unit organized an Anti-Vaping Billboard Contest. The contest was a collaboration between the Chico Unified School District, The Chico Police Department and Stott Advertising in Chico. The contest was open to 5th grade students at each elementary school, all three unified middle schools and all three unified high schools. The contest was to bring awareness to vaping and the dangers it poses to students in the district. Students in the above categories were asked to draw anti-vaping art to display these dangers. The art was then submitted to the School Resource Unit and winners were selected from each group. The winning student’s art would then be displayed on an actual billboard in Chico. 

In May of 2021, hundreds of drawings and art were submitted by the eligible students to the School Resource Unit. There were many outstanding drawings submitted to the School Resource Officers and the decision on the winners was a tough one. Ultimately, the three winners were selected from the following Chico Unified Schools;

John McManus Elementary School

Bidwell Junior High School

Chico High School           

All three of the winners were contacted by the Chico Police Department, School Resource Officers and awarded a $100 Amazon gift card. The gift cards were generously donated by the Chico Police Officer’s Association. The winning art was also displayed on three billboards in Chico. The art is currently displayed at the following locations;

McManus Winner; On W. 8th Ave, east of Nord Ave.

Bidwell Winner; Mangrove Ave/E. 3rd Ave.

Chico High Winner; Park Ave./E. 11th St.


The Chico Police Department, School Resource Unit wants to congratulate the winners of the billboard contest and thank all the students who participated in the contest. We would also like to thank the Stott Advertising Company, the Chico Unified School District and the Chico Police Officer’s Association for their participation in this event.

Anti-Vaping billboard

Anti-Vaping billboard

Anti-Vaping billboard


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