Annual Military Equipment Use Report

April 18, 2022 – March 29, 2023


On September 30, 2021, California Governor Gavin Newsom approved Assembly Bill 481, requiring law enforcement agencies to obtain approval from the applicable governing body (City Council), by adoption of a military equipment use policy. 

Assembly Bill 481 allows the governing body to approve the funding, acquisition, and use of military equipment within its jurisdiction, only if it determines that the military equipment meets specified standards. The Military Equipment Use Policy is subject to City Council review to determine whether the standards set forth in Assembly Bill 481 have been met, based upon an Annual Military Equipment Use Report.

The Chico Police Department is committed to transparency, public trust, community partnerships, and compliance with the law. As such, the Department has authored the following Annual Military Equipment Use Report, in accordance with the annual reporting requirements set forth in Assembly Bill 481.

Chico Police Department Annual Military Equipment Use Report


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AB 481 – Military Equipment Use Policy

Assembly Bill 481 (“AB 481”) codified in Government Code sections 7070 through 7075, requires a law enforcement agency (“LEA”) to obtain approval from the applicable governing body, via adoption of a Military Equipment Use Policy (the “Policy”) by ordinance (the “Ordinance”), prior to the LEA funding, acquiring, or using military equipment.  

Policy 709 - Military Equipment and Inventory 2022
Policy 709 - Military Equipment and Inventory 2023

Any member of the public can register a question or concern regarding this policy by contacting the Chico Police Department Professional Standards Unit at


AB 48 – Use of Force

Per Penal Code 13652.1

Commencing January 1, 2022, each law enforcement agency shall, within 60 days of each incident, publish a summary on its internet website of all instances in which a peace officer employed by that agency uses a kinetic energy projectile or chemical agent, as those terms are defined in Section 13652, for crowd control. However, an agency may extend that period for another 30 days if they demonstrate just cause, but in no case longer than 90 days from the time of the incident.

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