Airport Access Procedures & Responsibilities


Everyone requesting authorization to access the Chico Regional Airport must meet specific criteria governed by the FAA and City of Chico.​

Airport access is conditioned upon compliance with the Chico Regional Airport Rules and Regulations, airport security procedures, and the responsibilities listed here.  

Airport Access Gate Card

City Fee Schedule 90.010 governs the fee charged for a gate access card.

Everyone requesting authorization to access the Chico Regional Airport Operations Area (AOA) must:

  1. complete an Airport Operations Area (AOA) Airport Access Card Application Form;
  2. Complete the Airport Driver Training Program and written test (info below); and
  3. Meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • Hold an airport lease, operating agreement or use permit;
    • Be an employee, associate or relative or an authorized airport business or tenant;
    • Be an active flight student, aircraft renter or member of a flying club; or
    • Be authorized by the Airport Manager.

Airport Driver Training Programs

In order to provide a safe operating environment for users of Chico Regional Airport, and in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 139.329, all airport users with access to the Airport Operations Area (AOA) are required to complete airport specific driver training every 12 – 24 consecutive calendar months.

For this reason in order to be issued or to renew a gate access card you must first complete either the Chico Regional Airport Non-Movement or Movement Area Driver Training Program.

Non-movement Area Driver Training

Non-movement area driver training is for pilots, tenants and their employees, operators, and other airport users who require access to their hangar, place of business, or parked aircraft.

Non-movement Area Driver Training Study Guide
Non-movement Area Driver Training PowerPoint
Non-movement Area Written Test
(This test is a fillable form that can be completed online then printed.)

Movement Area Driver Training

Movement area driver training is only required for emergency responders, airport, FAA and TSA personnel, and those whose job activities require driving on the taxiways, runways, and other airport movement areas which are under the control of the Air Traffic Control Tower. Movement Area Driver Training requires both a written test and a practical test. The practical test is given on Tuesday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Please contact Airport Field Supervisor Matt McCurry at (530) 624-1342 to schedule your practical test and to submit your written test for grading.

Movement Area Driver Training Guide
Movement Area Driver Training PowerPoint
Movement Area Written Test
(This test is a fillable form that can be completed online then printed.)

Airport Access Card Application Form
After you have completed and printed the Application Form and Written Driver Test for the applicable movement area, you may submit them for consideration by one of the following methods:

  1. Scanning & emailing to;
  2. Faxing to (530) 895-4733;
  3. Hand delivering to 411 Main Street, 3rd Floor between the hours of 8AM-5PM Monday thru Friday.

There is a minimum waiting period of 24 hours for applications to be reviewed and approved. 

If you receive a passing grade on the written test (two or less incorrect answers), your application will be forwarded to the Airport Manager for review. Upon approval, you will be contacted by a representative from the City’s HR/Risk Management Department to arrange for the issuance of your airport access card.

Gate Access Responsibilities

Everyone accessing the airport plays a vital role in keeping the airport safe and secure. NEVER loan your card to anyone. The card is issued solely for your use. Please report a lost or stolen card to the Airport Manager’s Office immediately by calling (530) 879-7900.

  • When entering the airport through any gate (vehicle or pedestrian) it is your responsibility to ensure the gate closes and no one gains access behind you.
  • Allowing another driver to enter the airport through a vehicle gate behind you (“piggybacking”) is considered a serious violation and may result in the loss of your airport access privileges.
  • When exiting, more than one vehicle may exit provided that the last vehicle stops and waits for the gate to close completely.
  • If you bring someone onto the airport you are responsible for them and their actions at all times.
  • If an airport gate fails to close it is your responsibility to immediately report the issue to CIC Airport Operations (530) 624-1342 or Chico Police Department (530) 895-4911.
  • When operating a vehicle within the AOA the maximum speed limit is 25 miles per hour.
  • Drivers shall always yield the right of way to aircraft.
  • Vehicle access to taxiways, runways or restricted areas around the air carrier ramp and passenger terminal is not permitted at any time.

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