AB 481 – Military Equipment Use Policy


Assembly Bill 481 (“AB 481”) codified in Government Code sections 7070 through 7075, requires a law enforcement agency (“LEA”) to obtain approval from the applicable governing body, via adoption of a Military Equipment Use Policy (the “Policy”) by ordinance (the “Ordinance”), prior to the LEA funding, acquiring, or using military equipment.  

Policy 709 - Military Equipment and Inventory 2022
Policy 709 - Military Equipment and Inventory 2023

Any member of the public can register a question or concern regarding this policy by contacting the Chico Police Department Professional Standards Unit at

Additional policies related to the use of military equipment: 

Policy 308 - Control Devices and Techniques
Policy 311 - Long Range Acoustical Device (LRAD)
Policy 312 - Firearms
Policy 466 - First Amendment Assemblies

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