2022 Annual Road Rehabilitation

Completed Fall 2022

Image of Mulberry Street

Project Description

The project consisted of a complete, full depth reclamation (FDR) from Eastwood Avenue to 20th Street on Pine Street, Cypress Street, and Mulberry Street. Grind and overlay was completed from 9th Street to Eastwood on Pine and Cypress Streets. The eastern railing on Cypress Street bridge was also repaired as a part of this project. 


Construction started on the project in late July and will continue through mid-October.

Heavy construction operations will be underway the week of September 26-29th.  During construction, there will be one lane open for through traffic with potential detours if both lanes need to be closed.  Drivers are encouraged to build extra time into their schedules or plan alternate routes to avoid the project area if possible. 

Road closures are expected the week of October 3-7th to accommodate paving operations for the 2022 Road Rehabilitation project on Pine/Mulberry/Cypress Streets from E. 9th to E. 20th Streets.  Drivers are encouraged to plan alternate routes to avoid the project area if possible. All lanes are expected to be open October 15.


Funding for this project comes from the Transportation Fund, the Gas Tax Fund, and the Public Infrastructure Replacement Fund.

Public Outreach

The following mailer went out in Fall 2020 to the Cypress/Pine Street neighborhood before the Internal Affairs meeting held on November 2, 2020. 

At the Internal Affairs meeting, the removal of parking on the west side of Pine Street and the east side of Cypress Street from E. 9th Street to Humboldt Avenue was approved. 

Pine & Cypress Streets neighborhood mailer

Environmental Clearance

Notice of Exemption

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