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Message from the Chief of Police


Portrait by Alain Tomatis Photography & Design

The Chico Police Department is a diverse organization comprised of over 140 full-time employees, with an additional 100 police volunteers, including Volunteers in Police Service, Explorers, Chaplains and Interns.  The department prides itself on the quality of our personnel and our level of training. We maintain high standards and our training far exceeds minimum standards.

Our mission is to create a safer Chico and improve quality of life by partnering with our community and providing dedicated service.  Our core values are integrity, courage, and respect.

We believe that trust and communication between a police department and community are essential and are built intentionally. As such, interaction with our entire community is a priority in order to establish relationships. This includes difficult conversations about controversial issues. These relationships help to build trust and respect.  In order to accomplish our mission, the department maintains a community policing model and command structure to better serve the needs of the community and enhance that interaction.

While we have and will face many challenges, we will do so collaboratively.  As your police department, we are committed to being engaged and transparent as we progress through difficult times. I am humbled, honored and blessed to serve as your police chief, and to lead your incredible law enforcement professionals.

Billy Aldridge, Chief of Police



Captain Greg Keeney #C3

07/07/96 Hired at Chico PD
12/21/08 Sergeant
01/08/17 Lieutenant
09/27/20 Captain






Captain Jeramie Struthers #C2

12/17/02 Hired at Chico PD
12/13/15 Sergeant
03/03/19 Lieutenant
01/01/2023 Captain







Lieutenant Mike Rodden #L6

10/09/06 Hired at Chico PD
12/14/14 Sergeant
04/30/17 Lieutenant






Lieutenant Brian Miller #L4
Criminal Investigations

02/12/06 Hired at Chico PD
07/01/15 Sergeant
03/01/20 Lieutenant






Lieutenant Terry Tupper #L7

12/19/05 Hired at Chico PD
04/16/17 Sergeant
10/25/20 Lieutenant






Lieutenant Omar Peña #L10

05/03/09 Hired at Chico PD
04/30/17 Sergeant
07/04/21 Lieutenant






Lieutenant Ben Love #L9

04/15/07 Hired at Chico PD
07/01/15 Sergeant
12/05/21 Lieutenant






Lieutenant Jeff Durkin #L8

01/28/03 Hired at Chico PD
02/17/19 Sergeant
01/01/23 Lieutenant






Administrative Staff

Public Information Officer Kelly DeLeon

06/27/22 Communications Specialist (PIO)






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