Police Department Forms & Documents

Police Department Forms & Documents

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Click on the following links to select the documents you wish to download (please be patient as some forms may take several seconds/minutes to download):


Make a Report (Counter Report Form – not for emergencies or reports with suspect information)
Personnel Compliment or Complaint Form


Ride Along Application (NOTE: Only current PD job applicants may apply to ride/sit along)
House and Vacation Watch
Request for Information or Records
Local Record Review
Trespass Arrest Authorization
Visa Clearance Letter
Request for Review of Parking Violation

Secondhand Dealer or Pawnbroker

Secondhand Dealer or Pawnbroker Application
Becoming a Secondhand Dealer or Pawnbroker Handbook


Incident Statement Form
Activity Report Form
License to Sell Firearms Application

Vehicle for Hire Forms

Owner Application
Driver Application
Vehicle Application
Request for Administrative Review

Rotation Tow List

Application / Annual Submission Checklist
Rotation Tow List Application
Rotation Tow Operator / Driver Information (Updated Annually)

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