NEW – Custom ADU Site Plan Program


The City of Chico has secured grant funding through the Local Early Action Planning (LEAP) to offer FREE Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Site Plan Preparation Services to eligible property owners using the City’s pre-approved ADUs within the city limits. The application fee is $150. Planning staff will determine eligibility prior to approving property owners for the Program.

Eligibility Considerations:

  • Single Family Properties
  • Projects Using City of Chico Pre-Approved ADU Building Plans
  • Flat Lots
  • Properties Connected to City Sewer

Properties that are not eligible include the following:

  • Properties Situated in Flood Zones
  • Properties on Hillside Areas
  • Multi-family Zoning or Developed with Multiple Residences or Existing ADUs
  • Properties on Septic Service
  • Properties with Pre-existing Drainage Problems
  • Properties outside the city limits

When a property owner is approved for the Program, they will be referred to the on-call engineering consultant (Design Professional) to arrange a site visit and start developing the site plan.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Turnkey process.
  • Property Owner(s) select one of several pre-approved ADU plans.
  • A Design Professional works with the Property Owner(s) on the best location and orientation for the ADU on the property.
  • The Property Owner(s) apply for the building permit, and the Design Professional works with the City to review and clear comments, creating a smooth process for the Property Owner(s) to obtain a building permit.
  • Construction could begin within a matter of weeks after submitting a complete application.

Once the site plan has been prepared, the City will require the property owner(s) to certify (by signing the site plan) that it has been prepared to their specifications relating to the placement of the ADU on the property.

ADU Site Plan Program Information and Checklist

ADU Site Plan Application

ADU Hold Harmless Acknowledgement

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