Contact the Sewer & Storm Water Division

Blue manhole cover on pavement

General Division Questions:

Chris Duffey, P.E.
Senior Civil Engineer
(530) 879-6913



Storm Water Questions:

Richard Burgi, P.E.
Associate Civil Engineer
(530) 879-6950

Sewer Questions:

Jon Revolinsky, P.E.
Associate Civil Engineer
(530) 879-6954

Sewer or Storm Water Permitting Questions:

Ashley Mullins
Engineering Technician II
(530) 879-6951

Creek Watch Hotline

(530) 891-6459

To report overflowing manholes, sewer line obstructions, or missing manhole/ storm drain grates, please call 894-4200 immediately. For Sewer or Storm Drain emergencies after 3:30 p.m. on weekends or on holidays, call (530) 897-4911. Please do not email.

Protect Chico’s Environment

To report illicit dumping into the City’s storm drains or creeks, please call (530) 879-6951or (530) 879-6330.

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