Clean Day FAQs


What do I do if I find a hypodermic needle or other sharp object?

Carefully place object in a sharps container or clear plastic bottle with a lid. If uncomfortable or unable, please contact a team leader or City staff.

What do I do if I find hazardous or unidentifiable material?

Leave the material in place and contact a team leader or City staff.

What do I do with collected trash bags or debris?

Please deposit debris in bins at the listed designated area or pile in the locations listed in the site description.

Where do I get trash bags and cleanup supplies?

Cleanup supplies will either be on site with a team leader, or you may contact the Public Works Department at 896-7800 or by email at no later than April 17th.

If a specific meeting place is not listed (for example, on a long section of bike path) where do I go?

Follow the directions provided in the site description and start at the most convenient access point.

Q: What do I do if I encounter an encampment?

A: Please do not disturb the encampments or remove any materials. Notify your group’s Team Leader or City staff.

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