Cannabis FAQs


Q:  Can I sell commercial cannabis now?  Can I open a dispensary now?  

A:  No.  The ordinance is not in effect.  It will need to be voted on by the City Council a second time in September, then go through a 30-day period before becoming effective.  Per the ordinance, a maximum of four permits for the Retailer-Storefront commercial cannabis use may be issued by the City.  Until you have a permit to operate a Retailer-Storefront use, selling cannabis is illegal under both state law and local ordinance.

Q: Can I open a commercial cannabis use at my location?

A: Not yet.  You will first need to determine what zoning district your property is in.  If it is residentially zoned, then there is no allowance for a Commercial Cannabis use — all residential zones are excluded from all commercial cannabis business.  The Retailer-Storefront use is only allowed in the Community Commercial (CC), Regional Commercial (CR), Commercial Services (CS), and TND-CORE zoning districts, and only after receiving a Commercial Cannabis business permit and a Conditional Use Permit from the City of Chico.  You will then also need to obtain a State issued cannabis license and a city-issued Commercial Cannabis Business permit. Information about the state license process can be found at Applications for the City permit will be available soon after final reading of the ordinance. 

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