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A revenue measure in support of the City’s mission: “A safe place to raise a family, an ideal location for business, and a premiere place to live" is the driving force behind this initiative.


It is the City of Chico’s responsibility to provide the essential public services and facilities that maintain and protect our community’s high quality of life. City employees continue to work hard every day to provide the services that residents tell us they value most — safe neighborhoods; help in an emergency; improved streets and roads; quality parks and open spaces and recreation venues. Our goal is to keep pace with these service needs while also being fiscally responsible.  A revenue measure will be placed on the November 2022 ballot for a one percent revenue enhancement. 

Revenue Measure Information:

Revenue Measure Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

CalPERS Factsheet and FAQ

CalPERS Update February 2022

City of Chico Normal Cost Share

What do you want Chico to be? Email the City to share your thoughts:  

To help protect Chico’s quality of life now and for the future, City leaders have been evaluating possible options for generating additional revenues to address critical City services. We want to ensure we include our community in the conversation. Your input will be shared with the City Council as they make important decisions regarding essential City of Chico services: 


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