Pavement Management Program

Pavement Management Program

Pavement Management Program

The City of Chico maintains approximately 568 lane miles of roadway. Pavement maintenance and repair help improve the condition of these roadways and maximize their lifetime. 

The City uses a Pavement Management Program called Streetsaver to systematically organize and analyze large amounts of inspection data collected regarding the condition of our street pavement.


Types of Treatment

public works worker filling roadway with crackseal with red truck in background

The type of preservation treatment applied is dependent on many factors including roadway condition, location, and age. The Pavement Condition Index, or PCI, assigns a rating to each roadway based on those factors. PCIs range from 0 to 100, with higher PCI values indicative of better pavement conditions.


Upcoming Annual Projects

yellow road equipment paving new road

Using the data complied with StreetSaver and analyzed by California State University Chico’s California Pavement Preservation Center faculty and students, the City of Chico has assessed and assigned upcoming Annual Roadway Projects* through 2032.

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