Now Available – Pre-Approved ADU Plans!


With grant funds secured from the State Department of Housing and Community Development (SB 2 “Building Homes and Jobs Act”), the City had a series of ADU plans designed (13 design variations), plan checked and are now available “pre-approved” to the public for use…free of charge!

Interested property owners will first choose between three ADU sizes: 496, 599, or 749 square feet.


Using the ADU Catalog, select from the five design options available for the 496 s.f. ADU (Vecino, Chico, One Mile, Esplanade, Honey Run), four designs for the 599 s.f. ADU (Manzanita, Hooker Oak, Oleander, Sycamore), or four designs available for the 749 s.f. ADU (Barber, Sutter, Stansbury, Bidwell)

ADU plans come in with a universal/accessible floor plan option with wider and accessible doorway entries. The ADU plans also come in a reversed plan format where the plans can be flipped to meet site conditions and accessway needs. These ADU plans come pre-approved by the Building Division, meaning a stream-lined permit process and significant savings for the interested ADU owner. 

Once you’ve decided on your preferred ADU design, a site plan must be prepared showing the proposed location of the ADU on your property. Please refer to the ADU Homeowner's Guide for step-by-step instructions and information regarding fees associated with your project.  

What City permits and fees apply?

  • Building Permit.  A building permit is required for all ADUs, including conversion of existing living space or garage area. Contact the City’s Building Division at (530) 879-6700 to determine what Building fees will be applied to your project.  
  • Fire Sprinkler Permit. For ADU proposals requiring fire sprinklers, separate plans shall be submitted for fire sprinkler design to the Fire Department.
  • School Impact Fees. All ADUs (conversions and new construction) may be subject to school district fees. Currently, the fees are $3.79 per square foot. As of July 20, 2020, school district fees will increase to $4.08 per square foot.
  • Development Impact Fees. No development impact fees shall be assessed on ADUs up to 750 square feet in size. For ADUs greater than 750 square feet, impact fees will be assessed at a rate proportional to the main residence. Contact the Building Division for more information on which impact fees apply to your project.

Universal Design/Accessibility

The preapproved ADU plans are available in a Universal Design/Accessibility floor plan design option with a step-free entrance, sufficient maneuvering space for a wheelchair in a bedroom, kitchen, entertainment area, and admittance to a full bathroom, and ample room to pass through 32-inch doorways.

Can we have your permission to photograph construction of your ADU?

While you are certainly under no obligation, the City of Chico kindly requests your permission to obtain photographs and live filming of your ADU during construction and hopefully a positive testimonial from you or others on the ease of constructing the ADU and any savings of time and money utilizing the City’s preapproved ADU plan program.  We believe your positive first-hand experience in getting underway with your ADU will help get the word out to others in the community that may be interested in following your lead. 

Thank you for your interest in the City’s preapproved ADU program and we hope that you will [file: 6364] allowing the City to photograph and film the construction and completion of your new ADU.     

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