Ice Rink FAQs

Learn about water and energy usage, operating hours, and more!


How much water will it take to make the Chico Ice Rink in the Plaza?

The rink will take approximately 7,000 gallons to initially create. When the season is complete, the water will be reclaimed from the Plaza Fountain basin, and used to water non-irrigated City trees.

How much water will be used daily to maintain the rink?

We estimate water usage and evaporation from ice operations to be similar to that of daily operation of the Plaza Fountain.

How much energy will the ice rink use?

The Chico Ice Rink in the Plaza will use approximately 400 kilowatts per day, or the same energy use as 10-15 households.

Is the ice rink going to be permanent?

The Chico Ice Rink in the Plaza is a temporary rink that will be installed in early November and removed at the end of the season. No permanent changes or construction will be made at the Plaza, and the rink will be installed on top of the Plaza fountain.

What will the operating hours be?

Mondays-Fridays will be open afternoons and evenings, with earlier opening hours on weekends. In addition, look for special hours during the  Thanksgiving and Winter breaks.

Will the rink be available for private rental?

Two tents will be available for private party rental during open skating hours.

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