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Pardon our dust! Two major Public Works Engineering Capital projects are currently under construction, the State Route 99/Eaton Road Interchange Improvement Project & the Cohasset Road Widening Project.

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new road being paved by orange paver

Building our Infrastructure 

Capital Projects are projects that build and maintain City assets. Two major projects for the City of Chico broke ground this summer and fall, the State Route 99/Eaton Road Interchange Improvement Project and the Cohasset Road Widening Project. 

Continuing our dedication to improving, maintaining, and building City infrastructure, our Public Works Engineering Department has prioritized these two important, grant-funded projects.

State Route 99/Eaton Road Interstate Improvement Project

This project converts the intersection of State Route 99 (SR 99) North Bound (NB) ramps at Eaton Road and Hicks Lane from a stop sign into one multilane, five-leg roundabout intersection.

view of project under construction including caution signs and construction equipment While these two intersections will be combined, local traffic and access will remain unchanged. The primary purpose of this project is to improve safety for all modes of transportation – vehicles, bicycles, transit, and pedestrians. The secondary purpose of this project is to improve operations, reduce delay, and enhance mobility, incorporating the Complete Streets approach into the intersection.

Construction work will consist of removal and/or resurfacing existing pavement, roadway excavation, construction of new pavement, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, storm drain facilities, lighting, fencing, signage, striping, and landscape improvements. For more information about this project, including detour maps and schedules, please visit our SR 99/Eaton Road Interchange Improvement Project webpage.

Cohasset Road Widening Project

This project will complete the improvements planned for Cohasset Road just north of Eaton Road and is funded by a $13.9 million Economic Development Administration grant.

As the name implies, this project will widen and improve Cohasset Road from two to four lanes from the Sycamore Creek Bridge to Airpark Boulevard. Sycamore Creek is located just east of Eaton Road. It includes intersection and bike path lighting as well as bike path, drainage and landscaping improvements.

The Chico Municipal Airport area is one of the City’s noted economic development opportunities, and as we continue our efforts to return commercial air service to Chico, this project, along with other infrastructure projects such as the Taxiway Reconstruction Project, will greatly assist the City in attracting a commercial carrier. 

Please visit our Cohasset Road Widening Project to learn more.

Cross section of the cohasset project showing widening of lanes

Learn more about the City of Chico Public Works Department projects in design and under construction by visiting our Capital Projects webpage.

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