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Redistricting Update Information


The City of Chico moved to district elections with the City divided into seven equal districts.  This process was officially finalized in February 2020, with the first district election held on November 3, 2020.  Councilmembers are elected to serve four-year terms, with elections held in November of even numbered years.  Seats are staggered, with either three or four seats up for each election.  Redistricting efforts are currently underway due to the completion of the 2020 Census.

Please see the following map in order to locate your current district.    Final District Map
Interactive District Map can be found here.


Why does redistricting matter? 

Redistricting determines which neighborhoods and communities are grouped together into a district for purposes of electing a Council Member. The City of Chico will seek input in selecting the next district map for the City Council, and during this process, residents will have an opportunity to share with Council and City staff how they think district boundaries should be drawn to best represent the community. 

What criteria will be used when redrawing district lines? 

To the extent practicable, district lines will be adopted using the following criteria: 

  • Geographically contiguous districts (each city council district should share a common border with the next); and
  • The geographic integrity of local neighborhoods or communities shall be respected in a manner that minimizes its division; and
  • Geographic integrity of a city shall be respected in a manner that minimizes its division; and
  • Easily identifiable boundaries that follow natural or artificial barriers (rivers, streets, highways, rail lines, etc.); and 
  • Lines shall be drawn to encourage geographic compactness. In addition, boundaries shall not be drawn for purposes of favoring or discriminating against a political party. 

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