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City Spotlight


Learn more about new City programs and additional information important to our community.

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Your City at Work

Pardon our dust! Two major Public Works Engineering Capital projects are currently under construction, the State Route 99/Eaton Road Interchange Improvement Project & the Cohasset Road Widening Project.

new road being paved by orange paver

Building our Infrastructure 

Capital Projects are projects that build and maintain City assets. Two major projects for the City of Chico broke ground this summer and fall, the State Route 99/Eaton Road Interchange Improvement Project and the Cohasset Road Widening Project. 

Continuing our dedication to improving, maintaining, and building City infrastructure, our Public Works Engineering Department has prioritized these two important, grant-funded projects.


Climate Action Plan Update

a park with a hand with painted fingernails holding a sign that reads #green The Climate Action Plan Update provides a comprehensive roadmap for how the City will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to an emission reduction target consistent with State goals and includes actionable measures related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transportation, development patterns, solid waste, water, urban trees and greenspace, and community engagement. The Climate Action Plan Update applies to all areas and plans/projects within the City of Chico limits.



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Drop and Dash-Divert Don’t Trash Event

May 22, 2023 and June 1, 2023 10:00am-3:00pm

Drop and Dash Evemt

The annual “Drop and Dash-Divert Don’t Trash” event will be held on May 22nd and June 1st from 10am-3pm.   Students moving out of Chico for the summer and all citizens will be allowed to drop off unwanted furniture, household items, non-perishable food, clothes, and other recyclable material at the corner of W. 3rd and Orange Streets.



Sustainable Solutions Turnkey Program – Energy efficiency for the City of Chico

The City has partnered with PG&E and Southland Energy to reduce the costs of energy usage at City facilities and to help meet Climate Action Plan goals.

new hvac unit being hoisted by crane at city hall

Energy Efficiency for the City of Chico

To continue to achieve the goal of energy efficiency as part of the Climate Action Plan, and also to reduce the costs associated with energy usage, the City of Chico has partnered with PG&E and Southland Energy to participate in the Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) program.


Public Works Engineering Department Deputy Director Awarded Professional Manager of the Year

Congratulations to David Giongco, who was awarded the American Public Works Association Professional Manager of the Year in Transportation!

David joined the Chico Public Works team in August 2020 because he was drawn by the types of projects the Engineering Department is involved with and how they affect our Chico community. The hallmark traits of the department, in his words, are “strong leadership, innovation, and teamwork.”

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Community Connect

Chico Fire-Rescue's new program that helps the community provide critical information to First Responders.

Community Connect

The Chico Fire Department is excited to announce a new program, Community Connect, that allows them to protect our community in even more effective ways. It is a free, secure, and easy way for our residents to provide critical information about their households to First Responders. 

Sign up for Community Connect

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Engaged Chico

The City of Chico's online citizen engagement tool. Join in discussions, weigh in on city plans and more, because your voice matters.

Engaged Chico is an online citizen engagement tool providing citizens of Chico with a new and convenient way to have greater access to our elected officials and city staff. Citizens can easily provide feedback, suggest ideas, learn about upcoming projects planned for the City, and most importantly, have additional ways to be heard at actual Council meetings. This program also allows citizens to easily contribute, vote on and prioritize ideas using a customized website dedicated to community idea sharing.

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