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City Spotlight


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Sustainable Solutions Turnkey Program – Energy efficiency for the City of Chico

The City has partnered with PG&E and Southland Energy to reduce the costs of energy usage at City facilities and to help meet Climate Action Plan goals.

new hvac unit being hoisted by crane at city hall

Energy Efficiency for the City of Chico

To continue to achieve the goal of energy efficiency as part of the Climate Action Plan, and also to reduce the costs associated with energy usage, the City of Chico has partnered with PG&E and Southland Energy to participate in the Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) program.

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Community Connect

Chico Fire-Rescue's new program that helps the community provide critical information to First Responders.

Community Connect

The Chico Fire Department is excited to announce a new program, Community Connect, that allows them to protect our community in even more effective ways. It is a free, secure, and easy way for our residents to provide critical information about their households to First Responders. 

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