Capital Projects

Capital Projects

Bike bridge over freeway

The City’s Capital Improvements Projects program continues its aggressive efforts to keep up with the needs of our growing community.

Funding for these projects comes from a variety of developer impact fees, State and Federal grant funds, and the State’s gasoline tax. Nevertheless, a softening economy and budget difficulties at all levels of government make it critical that costs are carefully contained and benefits are clearly demonstrated.


Salem Bridge Replacement Project

Currently in Design Phase

Photo of Salem Bridge

Project Information

The City of Chico has obtained funding to replace the structurally deficient and  functionally obsolete Salem Street Bridge over Little Chico Creek. The bridge is located between W. 9th Street and W. 10th Street and provides a link between the Barber neighborhood and Downtown. The existing bridge was constructed in 1916 and consists of 64-foot long, 2-span reinforced concrete “T” girders. The bridge suffers from the following deficiencies:


State Route 32 Widening Project Phase 3

Environmental Documents


State Route 99/Eaton Road Interchange Improvement Project

Image of the project layout. The legend identifies areas of paved surface, truck apron, hard surfacing, landscape area, and sidewalk. The roundabout connects the following roadways: Hicks Lane from the north, Eaton Road from the east, north bound State Route 99 exit ramp from the south, Eaton Road from the southwest, and the State Route 99 north bound entrance ramp from the northwest.

Project Description

This project will convert State Route 99 (SR 99) North Bound (NB) ramps at Eaton Road and Hicks Lane into one multilane five-leg roundabout intersection. Although the two intersections will be combined, the local circulation and access will remain unchanged.

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