Campaign Disclosure Information

Campaign Disclosure Information

Filed by Candidates, Officeholders, and Committees


All open campaign committees and City Council candidates raising or expending $500 or more are required under the State’s Political Reform Act to file campaign statements with the City Clerk within the prescribed deadlines.

2020 496 Independent Expenditure Filings from Non-City Political Action Committees:
Democratic Action Club - 496 Ober
Democratic Action Club - 496 Schwab
North State Builds Jobs - 496 Denlay
Democratic Action Club - 496 Pahlka
Alliance to Support the Middle Class - 496 Coolidge

2014 to present information can be found on NetFile.


All prior years and originals are available for public review in the office of the City Clerk, 411 Main Street, 3rd Floor.  Office hours are M-F, 8am-5pm.

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