Bidwell Park’s swimming opportunities are not to be missed. From Sycamore Pool to our Upper Park swimming holes, we’ve got your covered on ways to stay cool.

Sycamore Pool (One Mile Recreation Area)

Sycamore Pool, located at the One-Mile Recreation Area, is an uncommon, blast-from-the-past swimming experience. A concrete pool built around Big Chico Creek, depths range from the shallow wading end to 6 or more feet near the dam. Lifeguards are on duty from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend each year at the pool.

Sycamore Pool Water Quality Reports


Five Mile Recreation Area

Five-mile Recreation Area is complete with bathrooms, picnic areas, and parking lots. This is where Lower and Upper Park meet, combining the community park feel with more rugged, natural creek elements. Here pedestrian bridge also crosses Big Chico Creek, linking 5-Mile Road to Centennial Avenue. 

More Swimming Holes in Bidwell Park 

Water safety

When swimming in Big Chico Creek, be sure to use caution. Water which may appear to be shallow and/or slow moving can actually be swift and powerful. Don’t be a victim! Stay in areas where there is no white water. When possible, swim with friends. Also, as with all other activities, bring enough drinking water to stay hydrated.

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