Bidwell Park & Playground Commission

Bidwell Park & Playground Commission


Mission Statement

As representatives of the citizens of Chico, the Bidwell Park and Playground Commission (BPPC) endeavors to preserve and enhance the natural and recreational resources of Bidwell Park, community and neighborhood parks, greenways and open space throughout the community.

Through careful consideration of the needs and desires of citizens, coupled with an awareness of available city resources, the BPPC strives to ensure that the city’s parks and greenways are preserved and enhanced for this and future generations.

The Bidwell Park and Playground Commission (BPPC) meets monthly on the last Monday of each month in the City Council Chamber - 421 Main Street. Please check the Park Division’s web page for agendas and information related to BPPC meetings. 

The staff liaison will forward correspondence to the BPPC via email.  If citizens would like to share written materials before a scheduled BPPC meeting, the material should be submitted 8 days prior to the meeting. 

Written materials addressing specific agenda items, should be submitted by noon on the Friday prior to the BPPC meeting.  The material will be forwarded to the BPPC as part of the supplemental packet.  We encourage citizens who miss this deadline to present materials at the BPPC meeting.

If you would like to receive monthly email notices of Bidwell Park and Playground Commission and Committee meetings and agendas, please email parkinfo@ChicoCA.go


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