Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture


The primary areas of focus for the City Arts programs are public art, arts funding, arts promotion, and marketing Chico as an arts and culture destination.

The public art program includes the placement of art on city owned property; the inclusion of artists on design teams for capital improvement projects; a fund matching program for public art on private property; a voluntary program for including public art in private developments; an annual placement of local art work in downtown business windows; facilitation of donations to the City’s Public Art Collection; coordination of smaller art projects through the Individual Artist MIni-Grant Program; and the exhibition of local artists’ work in City Hall.

The arts funding program consists of an annual allocation by the City Council of General Funds to Chico Urban Area arts organizations, programs, and individual artists through Community Organization Funding in the Arts Category.

The City of Chico funds the promotion and marketing of the arts through Chico Artoberfest, a month long celebration of arts and culture and umbrella marketing campaign held every October. This includes the Mayor’s Awards for Achievement in the Arts, the Downtown Window Art Project, and the kick-off event, Chico Palio.


About the Arts Commission

The Arts Commission is composed of seven members appointed by the City Council to serve four-year terms. The Commission makes recommendations to the Council regarding the public art program, the yearly allocation of funds to arts organizations and individual artists, and the marketing of Chico as an arts and culture destination.


Funding Opportunities

The City Council has a policy which sets aside a percentage of the City’s General Fund for community arts organizations and projects located in the Chico Urban Area.


Mini Grants for Artists

This is defined as a project or program, located in Chico, whose primary purpose is the performance, production or display of art works. Artists are eligible for up to $2,000. The contract for the project or program will be executed on a reimbursement basis.


The City of Chico Arts Master Plan

Developed by the City of Chico Arts Commission and approved by the City Council on July 21, 1993

The Arts, consisting of the general areas of visual, performing and literary arts, are a creative means of self-expression and understanding which contribute to the health and quality of life in a community. This Arts Master Plan represents a recognition by the City of Chico of the need to actively participate in the artistic and cultural development of its citizens. The role of the Arts Commission in fulfilling this need is to serve as an advocate for the Arts, and as a community partner in the design and development of the City’s cultural and arts programs which encourage citizen participation.

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