Arson Task Force

Interagency Arson Task Force


The Task Force is an interagency organization that actively investigates fires for cause and orgin and assists in the prosecution of arson crimes. The organization includes representatives from all fire agencies in the county, law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office.

The Arson Task Force, which is associated with the Butte County Fire Chiefs’ Association, may be called out when an investigation exceeds the staffing ability or expertise of the jurisdiction in which the fire occured. Assistance is provided on a mutual aid basis.

The Task Force conducts monthly training sessions, reviews ongoing cases, shares information regarding possible serial arsonists, and practices cause and origin investigation on live training fires. Members may be appointed peace officers by their agency. Members are actively committed to the state Fire Investigation I & II certification program.

The Chico Fire Department has 3 members on the Arson Task Force.

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