Architectural Review and Historic Preservation Board

Architectural Review & Historic Preservation Board

A Sub-Committee of the Planning Commission


Mission Statement

To promote a high level of integrity and aesthetic value for the built environment, preserving and improving the character of Chico by balancing the rights of property owners with the public good.

In addition to its authority established by Chapter 19.18 of the Chico Municipal Code for the review of architectural drawings prior to the issuance of certain building permits, the Architectural Review and Historic Preservation Board (ARHPB) reviews building proposals that may affect buildings or other resources listed on the City of Chico Historic Resources Inventory, including making recommendations to the City Council for new listings. The ARHPB consists of three regular members, two of whom are intended to be engaged in the visual arts field, such as architects, landscape architects, artists, and/or designers, and at least one of whom are intended to have professional experience in architectural history, planning, archaeology, or other historic preservation-related disciplines.

The Architectural Review and Historic Preservation Board currently meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 4:00 p.m.  Click on the Agendas link below for  the current meeting information.

Agendas are posted to the web the previous Friday, five days before each meeting. If needed, the Board may also schedule an adjourned regular meeting on the third Wednesday of the month and the agenda would be posted the Friday prior to the meeting.

Special meetings (such as workshops and site visits) can occur on an as-needed basis. Agendas for these special meetings will be posted to the web a minimum of 72 hours prior to each meeting.

Architectural Review and Historic Preservation Board Members

  • Paul Cooper
  • Lindsay Poulin
  • Mark Wolfe

Staff Liaison


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