Animal Services & Licenses

Animal Services & Dog Licenses


Chico Animal Services is a section under the Chico Police Department and includes both Chico Animal Control and the Chico Animal Shelter.

Animal Control is responsible for enforcing all animal related municipal codes and state laws, picking up stray dogs, and quarantining animals for Rabies observation.  The Chico Animal Shelter, which is owned and operated by the City of Chico, is responsible for housing animals picked up by animal control, and stray dogs found within City limits. 

The Animal Shelter houses and cares for all stray dogs found within Chico city limits.  These animals may have been picked up by Chico Animal Control, or brought in by a concerned citizen.  The Chico Animal Shelter also takes unwanted dogs from owners residing within Chico city limits.  The shelter maintains a waiting list for dogs needing to be surrendered.  

Animal Services has a dedicated website.

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