About Bidwell Park

About Bidwell Park

Bidwell Park was established July 20, 1905 through the donation by Annie Bidwell of approximately 2,500 acres of land to the City of Chico.

Since that time, the City has purchased additional land, such as Cedar Grove in 1922, and 1,200 acres of land south of Big Chico Creek in Upper Park in 1995. Today, the total Park size is 3,670 acres (nearly 11 miles in length), making it one of the largest municipal parks in the United States.

Bidwell Park is “divided” by Manzanita Avenue. The area west of Manzanita Avenue is referred to as Lower Park and the area to the east is referred to as Middle and Upper Park. The noticeable difference between Lower, Middle and Upper is the terrain. Upper Park is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It has steep terrain and contains many rock formations, including the unique Chico Formation sandstone and Lovejoy Basalt rocks. Lower Park is flat and level with a thick canopy of trees which provide ample shade for the visitor.

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Explore Butte County has put together a vast library of information on both Lower and Upper Bidwell Park, popular swimming holes, and more. Check out their park page for more information.

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