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Neil Dougherty, IS Manager

411 Main Street
P.O. Box 3420

Chico, CA


Phone: 896-8404

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Technology - Department of Information Systems

The Information Systems Department is under Administrative Services and was formed in 1996 to provide e-Mail and a variety of computer, communications, and other related services to other City departments. Presently, the department has five staff members to serve approximately 350 workstations connected to a wide area network with 17 network servers, plus additional VM servers, 2 IBM i series, and HP 9000 computers.

Support services include workstations, wide area network equipment (routers, hubs, switches, cables, etc.), Mitel telephone system, cell phones, voice mail, Public Safety Computer Aided Dispatching and Reporting using HTE, etc. on the IBM i series, City financial services using IFAS on an HP 9000, Internet connections, web-sites, printers, copiers, FAXs, various hardware attached to computers and the software that makes it all work.















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