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Labor Agreements and Administrative Policies & Procedures


Labor Agreements

Unit Code Bargaining Unit Name Agreement

Chico Employees' Association


Letter Agreement re: Out of Class Compensation

Letter Agreement re: Basic Pay Effective Dates

CPOA Chico Police Officers Association


Letter Agreement re: Specific Employee Step

Letter Agreement re: Holiday Time Bank

Letter Agreement re: Lateral Signing Bonus

CPSA Chico Public Safety Association


CNF Confidentials


Letter Agreement re: Basic Pay Effective Dates

IAFF International Association of Fire Fighters

MOU - Expired

Letter Agreement re: Retiree Med. & Health Ins. Trust

Letter Agreement re: Emergency Incident Pay

Letter Agreement re: Class A/B License Reimb.

Letter Agreement re: Layoff/Displacement Procedures

MGMT Management

Resolution - Expired

Letter Agreement re: Salary Table Modification

PSM Public Safety Management


Letter Agreement re: Retiree Med. & Health Trust

SEIU-TC Service Employees International Union - Trades & Crafts

MOU- Extended for One Year

Letter Agreement re: Binding Arbitration

Letter Agreement re: Class A License Pay

Letter Agreement re: Medical Premium Calculation

Letter Agreement re: Vacancy Filling

Letter Agreement re: Holiday Compensation

Letter Agreement re: Job Description Mergers

L39 Stationary Engineers, Local 39 (formerly part of SEIU-TC)

MOU - Expired

Letter Agreement re: Retirement Plan

Letter Agreement re: Designated Operator in Charge

Letter Agreement re: Lab Director Pay

Department Director Contracts

Position Incumbent Contract & Revisions

Administrative Services Director

Scott Dowell


Assistant City Manager

Chris Constantin


Vacation Accrual Revision

Chief of Police Michael O'Brien


Vacation Accrual Revision

Salary Addendum

City Attorney Law Office of Alvarez-Glasman & Colvin Contract
City Clerk Debbie Presson


EPMC Revision

City Manager Mark Orme Contract
Community Development Director Mark Wolfe


Vacation Accrual Revision

EPMC Revision

Deputy Director - Finance Barbara Martin Contract
Fire Chief Bill Hack


Public Works Director - Engineering

Brendan Ottoboni

Public Works Director - Operations & Maint. Erik Gustafson Contract

HR Administrative Policy & Procedures

AP&P # AP&P Title
13-2 Employee Performance Reports
13-7 Maintenance and Disclosure of Employee Information
13-8 Applicant Pool Recruitment Procedures
13-9 Employee Personnel File Review
13-10 Administrative/Management Leave
13-11 Payroll Deduction Authorization/Withdrawal Procedures and Policy
13-15 Employee Counseling

Reimbursement to Employees for Damage to Personal Property or Equipment and/or City

Uniform While on Duty

13-20 Safety Program and Procedures
13-21 Sick Leave Utilization

Workers Compensation Claims Administrative Procedures

Fact About Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Policy Quick Summary

Workers Compensation Physician Pre-Designation

13-24 Leave of Absence (With or Without Pay)
13-25 Employee Exit Interview
13-29 Employee Clothing Requirements
13-35 Incompatible Outside Employment, Determination of
13-39 Harassment/Discrimination
13-41 Drug Free Workplace
13-43 Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens
13-45 Implementation of Federal Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations
13-46 Candidate Background Investigation
13-47 Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Screening Program
13-48 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and California Family Rights Act (CFRA)
14-3 Designation of City Coordinators for Implementation of Americans With Disabiltities Act Efforts
  Employee Handbook