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411 Main Street, 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 3420
Chico, CA 95927-3420
(530) 879-7910
FAX (530) 895-4733
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Special Event Insurance -- Secure Onlne Application

Risk Management

The Risk Management Office is responsible for administration of the City’s insurance and risk management programs.

Information regarding insurance for City contracts, agreements, and permits

The City of Chico Human Resources & Risk Management Office has automated its insurance certificate tracking system for contracts, agreements, and permits (excluding park and street closure permits) using PINS Advantage. The PINS Advantage system will significantly streamline the City's insurance tracking and approval process.

City of Chico Insurance Requirements

Contractor CalPERS Status Questionnaire

Department Request for Insurance Determination

Employee vs. Independent Contractor Worksheet

Department Request for Insurance Determination With Employee vs. Independent Contractor Worksheet (Combined)

Park and Street Closure Permit Insurance

The City of Chico has partnered with Gales Creek to provide affordable Special Events Insurance that meets the City's insurance requirements for Park and Street Closure Permits. Special Events Insurance is required for all Street Closure Permits, and all Park Permits that are open to the public, have amplified sound, and/or have an expected attendance of 100 people or more. Once on the Gales Creek web site, use the "Apply Online Now" button on the middle of the page to receive the discounted public agency rates.

It is not a requirement of the City of Chico that Special Events Insurance be purchased through Gales Creek.

Filing A Claim For Money or Damages Against the City of Chico

All claims must be filed with the City Clerk's Office. Claims not submitted to the City Clerk's Office will not be considered valid legal claims, and will not be responded to.

City of Chico Tort Claim Form and filing instructions


ADA Complaint/Grievances