Policies and Procedures


HR Administrative Policy & Procedures

AP&P # AP&P Title
13-2 Employee Performance Reports
13-7 Maintenance and Disclosure of Employee Information
13-8 Applicant Pool Recruitment Procedures
13-9 Employee Personnel File Review
13-10 Administrative/Management Leave
13-11 Payroll Deduction Authorization/Withdrawal Procedures and Policy
13-15 Employee Counseling

Reimbursement to Employees for Damage to Personal Property or Equipment and/or City

Uniform While on Duty

13-20 Safety Program and Procedures
13-21 Public Access of Defibrillation and Automated External Defibrillator
13-22 Leave Usage and Time Reporting

Workers Compensation Claims Administrative Procedures

Fact About Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Policy Quick Summary

Workers Compensation Physician Pre-Designation

13-24 Leaves of Absence
13-25 Employee Exit Interview
13-26 Sick Leave Transfer (Donated Leave)
13-29 Employee Clothing Requirements
13-35 Determination of Incompatible Outside Employment
13-39 Harassment/Discrimination
13-41 Drug Free Workplace
13-43 Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens
13-45 Implementation of Federal Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations
13-46 Candidate Background Investigation
13-47 Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Screening Program
13-49 Workplace Violence
13-50 Intern and Volunteer Reqirements and Procedures
14-3 Designation of City Coordinators for Implementation of Americans With Disabiltities Act Efforts
  Employee Handbook
  Classification Plan