Choose Chico

A public-private partnership of businesses, individuals and the City of Chico, supporting economic development and the promotion of the city as a premier location for existing and new businesses. Please explore the Choose Chico website and visit us on Facebook.

Team Chico

A unique and award winning collaborative of the Chico Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Chico Business Association (DCBA), 3CORE, Inc. , Alliance for Workforce Development Inc. (AFWD), California State University, Chico, and others focusing on leveraging community resources and expertise to provide outreach and direct business services to local businesses and addressing key industry sector needs.   Please visit the Team Chico webpage to learn more and check out the Business Resources that are available to grow your business.


A business incubator for startups and a community for entrepreneurs. The City has dedicated office space on the first floor of the Chico Municipal Building to Chicostart.   This collaborative provides a unique and supportive environment for entrepreneurs to thrive and grow their startup businesses. Please visit the Chicostart website to learn more.


Business Vitality Seed Fund

To further assist entrepreneurs, the City participates with 3CORE, Inc. and its Business Vitality Seed Fund, an innovative financing program to promote business growth in the region with “seed” funding.

Explore Butte County

Explore what Butte County, and the cities within the County including Chico, have to offer. Visit the Explore Butte County webpage and visit them on Facebook.

Chico's Economic Vision

Chico is the haven for innovation and entrepreneurship in the North State.

As a university community Chico brings together the educational entities, the City and community resources to assist entrepreneurs and businesses to invest in Chico and create career pathways that yield a quality of life that includes economic prosperity.

Chico is a magnet to individuals seeking an environment where you can live and work while enjoying unparalleled access to outdoor recreation and the social spirit of a vibrant community.

City Council's Commitment to a Healthy Economy

The Chico City Council defines the City's economic development role as: "... assisting in creating the conditions which foster investment to occur within the community..."

Economic Development is one of the City's top priorities. The City understands the relationship between a healthy and prosperous economy and the quality of life experienced and expected by Chico residents and visitors. In 2007 the City Council unanimously adopted The City's Economic Development Strategy (Resolution No. 135-07) outlining the City's role in strengthening the economic base of Chico. In 2012 the Council adopted an Economic Development Action Plan which aligns the City's economic development efforts with the key priorities of Chico's business community and addresses the outcomes envisioned in the Economic Development Element of the General Plan and the City's Economic Development Strategy.

Through the City Manager's Office, the City provides development assistance to businesses and individuals looking to locate or expand their business in Chico, including internal coordination of City departments for Business Licenses and Permits, Planning, and Building and Development Services, in an effort to facilitate business expansions and locations.  In addition to direct business services the City implements capital projects and provides public infrastructure to support economic growth.  The City plays a key role as collaborator on various initiatives with business, education, real estate and economic development service providers.  These key partnerships and initiatives are essential to the community's economic success.