California Public Utilities Commission

In response to the impacts of COVID-19, the CPUC is continuing to identify opportunities to ensure that Californians receive the safe, reliable, and affordable utility services that they need now more than ever. Please visit to read about the actions the CPUC is taking to ensure utilities are supporting communities during these challenging times. These actions include:

  • California Climate Credit:
  • The CPUC is using the CA Climate Credit to reduce April, May, and June 2020 energy bills - To see the full proposal please link here - To comment on the proposal please link here -

  • Moratorium on Utility Disconnections:
  • Ordered all CPUC-regulated energy, water, sewer, and communications providers to halt customer disconnections for non-payment. Utilities must also restore service to those whose service was disconnected prior to the CPUC's March 17, 2020 order.

  • Suspended Renewal Requirements:
  • Ensured continued affordable access to communications and energy services by suspending renewal requirements for the low-income programs CARE and the Family Electric Rate Assistance programs.

  • Ensuring Full Access to CARE:
  • The California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) program provides a 20 to 35 percent discount on utility bills. Many people who have recently lost their job due to COVID-19 will be eligible for the program. Customers just have to call their utility and ask to be enrolled. Information on participating in the program, including monthly income limits, can be found on the CPUC's website at

  • Non-essential shutoffs:
  • CPUC is working with utilities to ensure that they cancel all non-essential proactive shut-offs they have planned.

  • Protecting Contractors:
  • Ensured that large investor-owned utilities help the economic stability of the large contractor workforce that provides energy efficiency upgrades to low income Californians.

  • Reliable Broadband:
  • Asked the largest wireless and Internet service providers to consider suspending data caps and data coverage charges if they have not already done so.

  • Also visit these sites:
  • - For a list of consumer protection provisions utilities are enacting in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. - For a list of consumer assistance programs.