Bikram Kahlon

Senior Traffic Engineer


Wyatt West
Assistant Engineer


Ron Baker

Engineering Technician


Traffic Engineering

The Division's main customer base is the public at large, but also is the City of Chico business community (i.e. developers, consultants, and contractors) and various public agencies such as Butte County and the State of California offices. We are proud to serve the Citizens of Chico and we are dedicated to help make our city a safer place to live and to work.

Traffic engineering performs a variety of duties. To keep your streets safe, we investigate residents' requests regarding neighborhood traffic concerns, respond to general traffic requests, manage the City’s signal systems, analyze and prepare for future growth, maintain metered and permitted parking, manage the City’s streetlights, and issue transportation permits. We also conduct traffic counts, speed studies, and accident frequency analysis. This is accomplished by implementing policies as set fourth in the California Vehicle Code (CVC), the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), and the California Department of Transportation (Cal Trans).

NEW! Please click here to view a memorandum from the City's Public Works Director regarding traffic impacts in the City of Chico due to the Camp Fire Camp Fire Traffic Impacts

NEW! The City of Chico is currently conducting a study to review potential transportation and traffic safety improvements to the Esplanade between Memorial Way and 11th Avenue. Please visit the Esplanade Corridor Improvement Study web page for more information.

Preserving Chico's Neighborhoods

Take traffic concerns into your hands! The City of Chico Department of Public Works is taking action to address neighborhood traffic concerns through a community-based program called the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP). The NTMP is a comprehensive program, which provides you and your neighbors with a process to address neighborhood traffic concerns (traffic speed and volume) on both collector and local streets.