Access Plan

Traffic Study Simulations

The City of Chico is currently evaluating the possibility of a two lane configuration with diagonal parking on one side through the downtown corridor. The simulations below reflect the traffic conditions used in the evaluation process.

Although the entire corridor was studied from 1st St to 9th St along Main & Broadway, the key areas of interest that were studied were Main St between 2nd & Third St. because of the heavy pedestrians and vehicle volumes. The simulations do not depict the actual diagonal or parallel parking movements but the conflicts are incorporated within the capacity analysis.

There are three simulations available for viewing which show Main & Broadway from 1st to 3rd St.

Click the image below for Orientation and layout

Download the Downtown Access Plan

*Please note that the video files below are large files

  1. Exisiting Conditions 3 lanes Configuration (12mb)
  2. Two Lane with Diagonal Parking (7mb)
  3. Two Lane with Diagonal & Left Turn Lane (4mb)