Contact Information

Matt Johnson, P.E.
Senior Development Engineer Phone: (530) 879-6910

Chris Duffey

Associate Engineer

Phone: (530) 879-6913

Development Impact Fees Analysis

and Recommendations (Nexus Study)

2017-2018 Development Impact Fee Final Report

2016 Development Impact Fee Update Final Report

2014-2015 Development Impact Fee Final Report

Capital Improvement Program 2013-14 through 2023-24


Development Engineering

"Our Goal is to serve the public in a manner that supports the rich heritage that is Chico."

By ... providing a wide range of engineering services both independently and as part of the larger City’s collective effort in processing land use and development applications. Tasks range from reviewing maps and plans for technical accuracy and consistency with the City's design criteria, to complex issues involving compliance with project conditions of approval and enforcement of the Municipal Code.

By .... striving to provide excellent service to a diverse customer base including citizens and their neighborhood associations, environmental and other advocacy groups, developers, consultants, contractors, both public and private agencies, as well as our own elected officials and City staff.

By ... utilizing accepted engineering principles and the City of Chico Municipal Code to ensure both consistency and fairness in the processing of all development applications.

Questions ... notify us and we will be happy to assist you!

The City's Standard Plans and Specifications can be found in the Chico Municipal Code Title 18R. Click here to view City Standard Plans and Specification Details (CMC 18R.12) (updated February 2016)

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NEW! Automatic 1-year Tentative Map Extension: Senate Bill No. 1185